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Koru Ceramics is an independent small business owned and operated by Katie McNeil, a graduate of the Selkirk College Ceramics program in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Katie discovered her love of clay at an early age, digging up raw clay from the lakes of northern Ontario to sculpt small animals, pinch pots, and whatever else she could think of. Today, she makes functional wheel-thrown pieces for the home that are refined, expressive, and grounding. 

Katie makes ceramic art as a way of letting go and expressing the creative energy within her. To her, clay is a metaphor for humanity – a shapeless, malleable material that has the potential to become anything; every finished piece is unique with its own story to tell. Katie's work is inspired by the beauty of nature, particularly rolling landscapes, water, and the colours and patterns of the sky. Through her pottery, Katie seeks to bring the natural beauty of our surroundings into our busy everyday lives and remind us of the soothing, therapeutic nature of the world we live in.